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How do I create an account?

Creating an account is easy. Just follow these easy steps after clicking on

·         Enter your Name

·         Enter your email ID

·         Enter a Password

·         Your email ID will be used as the default username for your Luxerium account.


Is it necessary to have a account to shop?

Yes. a registered user can use wishlist, friend invitation & other query options alongwith detailed summary of products purchase history with tracking details. Your account and order information will remain in our system for you to access using your username and password.  Please keep your password secure.

Payment Information & Refunds

What payment options does Luxeriumsupport?

Currently, Luxerium supports Visa, MasterCard, Paypal,  Net Banking, and various Bank Cards.  Cash on delivery is offered on limited products (in India only) and is not offered on products  marked as “Imported” and for “International Orders”.


Why won’t you take Cash on Delivery?

Since most of our products are Imported, they are procured directly from suppliers abroad, and we pay the international shipping, customs duty, taxes etc. on your behalf.  For this we need to secure the payments upfront.


When am I billed?

Your credit /debit card will be billed by luxerium as soon as the payment details are shared by you.


What will my credit/debit card statement say?

Your credit /debit card will be billed by Global Imtech Inc and your credit card statement will read "Global Imtech Inc”.


How do I make a payment for a Luxerium purchase?

Luxerium offers multiple methods to make payments for your order: Credit Card & Debit Card  and Net Banking. All Credit/Debit card details remain confidential and private. Luxerium and our trusted payment gateways use SSL encryption technology to protect your card information.


Are there any hidden charges when I make a purchase on Luxerium(Octroi, Sales Tax)?

Indian Shipments

There are absolutely no hidden charges when you make a purchase with Luxerium. the price you see is the price you pay - it is FIXED and ALL-INCLUSIVE - including shipping, international shipping, duty, fees, and taxes. For many items the shipping is entirely free. The only thing that may not be included is Octroi. If you live in a city that has Octroi charges you may need to pay the courier Octroi at the time of delivery. Other than that, the prices listed for all items are final and all-inclusive. The prices you see on our product pages are exactly what you pay for the item.


International Shipments

We are also pleased to offer international shipping to most other countries for a flat fee of $40. All international shipments are fully insured and shipped International Priority via FedEx, DHL or UPS. If for any reason we are unable to ship your package without full insurance, we will contact you prior to the shipment’s release.

All items shipped to any address outside India are considered final sales and cannot be returned.  Please note that we must declare the amount that you paid for your  item on the invoice included with the shipment. We are unable to declare the item as a gift, when shipping.

At this time, we are unable to ship International Orders to a P.O. Box address using either UPS, DHL and/or FedEx. Please provide a physical street address which UPS, DHL and/or FedEx can deliver to.

Shipments to certain countries may incur additional charges such as Import Duties by Customs Department alongwith Value Added Tax (VAT) or a Goods and Services Tax (GST) on goods received. 

Import Duties - kindly refer your respective country import policies.


Why do the prices on your website change frequently?

Many of our products are from foreign sellers. The fluctuations in price that you see is due to change in currency rates from the country of origin to the product of the country it is shipped to and currency paid in.


Delivery & Order Status

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Orders are processed immediately and imported products orders are received in 10-20 business days and Indian products are received in 5-7 days.  Occasionally products are discontinued or backordered and we will notify you immediately of this & payment made by you will be refunded to your bank account.


How will I know how much my order will cost?

The price you see in the listing is the price you pay, no strings attached!!


Are there any additional costs that will be due upon receipt of my order?

India Orders

No. When you use the Luxerium global checkout, you will be provided with a guaranteed order total. The order total presented will be the exact amount that you will be billed by Global Imtech Inc. There will never be any additional costs billed upon delivery or due as C.O.D. charges... * with the exception of octroi tax which those shoppers livining in cities with octroi charges will have to pay directly.


International Orders

Refer International Shipments


What do the different order status mean ?

Payment Pending Authorization : Your order has been logged and we are waiting for authorization from the payment gateway. Payment Authorized, Order under Processing : We have received authorization from the payment gateway and are processing your order. Order Shipped : Your order has been shipped out of our warehouse and is on its way to your delivery location. Order Canceled : The order was canceled.


Is it possible to order a product that is 'Out of Stock'?

Unfortunately, we do not have these products available for sale, but please mail us and we will let you know once it is available for sale at  Luxerium.  


How do I know my order has been confirmed?

Once your payment has been successfully made, your order is processed internally (and immediately)I will send a confirmation mail for your order, to the email address associated with your Luxerium order/account. In this mail you will be provided with a unique Order ID for your reference with our customer service team, a listing of the item/s you have ordered.


What’s the difference between quartz and mechanical/automatic movements?
The movement, or inner workings, of the watch are what make up the main timekeeping mechanism. Most watches have either a quartz movement or a mechanical movement. The type of movement you choose depends mostly on one's taste. Mechanical movements are a tribute to the watchmaker's art and monitor the passage of time by a series of gear mechanisms. When a mechanical movement does not have to be wound, it is known as an automatic movement. These self-winding movements are wound by the movement of your wrist. (No, you don't have to shake it to work! The normal, everyday movement of the watch on your wrist charges the winding reserve.) When this type of watch is removed from your wrist, the movement winds down in 10 to 72 hours, depending on the size of its winding reserve.

Quartz movements, on the other hand, are powered by a battery and do not stop working once removed from your wrist. When activated by a battery or solar power, the thin sliver of crystal very predictably vibrates at an extremely high frequency (32,768 times per second), thus providing very accurate timekeeping. The battery in a quartz watch generally needs to be replaced every 1.5 years. 


How do watches work?
Watches essentially tell time by the integration of three main components: an energy source, a time regulating mechanism and a display. The energy source can be electronic (as in a battery) or mechanical (as in a wound spring). A watch’s main timekeeping mechanism is called its movement. Today’s watches fall into two categories: Mechanical movements and Quartz movements. Mechanical watches are made up of about 130 parts that work together to tell time. Automatic mechanical movements mark the passage of time by a series of gear mechanisms, and are wound by the movement of your wrist as you wear it. The gear train then transmits the power to the escapement, which distributes the impulses, turning the balance wheel. The balance wheel is the time regulating organ of a mechanical watch, which vibrates on a spiral hairspring. Lengthening or shortening the balance spring makes the balance wheel go faster or slower to advance or retard the watch. The travel of the balance wheel from one extreme to the other and back again is called oscillation. A series of gears, called the dial train, then turns the hands on the watch face. 

Quartz watches work with a series of electronic components, all fitting together in a tiny space. Rather than a spring, a quartz watch relies on a battery for its energy. The battery sends electrical energy to a quartz crystal, which vibrates at an incredibly high frequency (32,768 times a second), providing highly accurate timekeeping. This energy is then transmitted via a stepping motor, which transforms the electrical impulses into mechanical power, turning the gear train, which moves the hands on the watch face.



Are watches really waterproof?
No. In fact, they aren’t. It is actually illegal to represent a watch as being “water-proof”. Watches, however, can be water-resistant. In fact, most watches have some sort of water-resistance. A watch marked as water resistant without a depth indication is designed to withstand accidental splashes of water only. Do not submerge such a watch. Higher levels of water resistance are indicated by increasingly higher acceptable depths, usually indicated in meters.

There are a variety of ways to make a watch water resistant. All such watches use rubber gaskets or "O" rings to seal the case back. A watch with a back that screws onto the case provides a higher degree of water resistance. Some crowns (the "winding stem") actually screw into the case to further increase water resistance.

Usage Recommendations

The following usage recommendations are suggested by the Seiko Corporation of America.


Please note that we do not recommend swimming or diving with your watch unless it has a screw-down crown (also known as ‘screw-lock’ or ‘screw-in’ crown) and is water-resistant to at least 100 meters.


What’s the difference between a chronograph and a chronometer?
A chronograph is a name given to a multifunction sport watch with a stopwatch function. Most have two or three sub-dials, or mini-dials, for measuring minutes and hours. A chronometer, on the other hand, is a precision watch that has been rigorously tested by the Control Officile Suisse de Chronometers (COSC), an official watch testing laboratory in Switzerland, to keep accurate time in various temperatures and positions over a 15-day period. The watch must lose no more than five seconds per day in order to be designated a chronometer.


How long should the battery in my watch last?
Generally, the battery in a quartz watch will need to be replaced every 1.5 years.


What’s a crystal?
The clear cover over the watch face is called the crystal. Three types of crystals are commonly found in watches: Acrylic crystal is an inexpensive plastic that allows shallow scratches to be buffed out. Mineral crystal is composed of several elements that are heat-treated to create an unusual hardness that aids in resisting scratches. Sapphire crystal is the most expensive and durable, approximately three times harder than mineral crystals and 20 times harder than acrylic crystals. A non-reflective coating on some sport styles prevents glare.


Is it better to get a leather band or a metal one?
Strap watches may have bands made from a variety of materials, including leathers, exotic skins and synthetics. In general, it’s best to avoid fine leathers if you will expose the watch to water or perspiration from physical activity. Rubber straps are a little more durable against water and perspiration. Do keep in mind, that if you do not like a certain strap on a watch, it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to replace the band with one of many varieties, textures and colors. Metal bands are called ‘bracelets’, and are available in various metals, including gold, platinum, stainless steel and titanium. Some manufacturers have styles that combine two kinds of metals, such as gold and steel, which are known as two-tone bracelets. The choice is really a matter of personal taste. Generally speaking, strap watches are viewed as a more casual fashion statement, although they can be very attractive and quite costly.


What’s the best way to care for and clean my watch?
The best way to clean your watch is by using a lint-free cloth and a toothpick. Use the toothpick to clean out any dirt buildup in the bracelet or casing of the watch and the cloth to wipe it clean. If it is water-resistant, give it an occasional cleaning with a mixture of warm water and a mild soap. If the strap is leather or non-metal, clean only the case.